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What To Expect

Our staff is here to guide you through each step of the process – and beyond!

What to expect during your first visit with Idaho BMI

The first step in the process for bariatric surgery is a consultation with our office. During the consultation, you will meet with several key staff members that will guide you along the pathway to surgery. We will review how we approach bariatric surgery differently, and the importance of reprogramming your brain during the early post-operative stages. The dietitian will review your habits and make specific recommendations that need to be made prior to scheduling surgery. The patient navigator will review fees and details of specific testing or clearances that need to be completed.

Understanding the process

Before Surgery

Once all testing and clearances are completed, your surgery date will be scheduled with our team. Depending on your method of payment, your insurance will determine which location you will have your surgery. If you are going through our Quickstart program, your surgery will be completed at Everest Surgical Institute.

You will be given instructions by the dietitian and patient navigator regarding the bariatric surgery pre-op diet along with pre-surgery instructions and details about the day of your procedure.

Now you’re ready for surgery!

During Surgery

Depending on the location of your procedure, we will provide specific instructions to follow for the day of your procedure. We will also provide specific discharge instructions for both you and the adult who is accompanying you to surgery.

While scheduling your surgery, you will also schedule two additional visits. These two visits will occur directly before and after your surgery. Your pre-surgical appointment will provide you with information, prescriptions and recommendations to help better prepare you for your upcoming procedure. Your post-op appointment with Dr. Brown will be your first progress check-up and will take place approximately 2 weeks after surgery.

Meanwhile, there are a few things you can get familiar with in the immediate days preceding your surgery.

Your journey begins!

After Surgery

After surgery, you will meet with our team at 2-weeks, one month, three months, and six months post-operative so we can answer any questions you have and ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals. It’s of the utmost importance to stay in contact with our staff if you are experiencing issues or have questions that have not been answered throughout the process. The first 6 months after surgery are the most crucial, oftentimes called the ‘honeymoon period’. We want to make sure that you are making the most of your bariatric procedure by retraining your brain and following the instructions that we’ve laid out for you.

We have in-office and virtual support groups, along with a Facebook support group and the ability to contact our staff directly with questions.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Resources Tailored For You

Patient Portal

Login to your portal to keep you on track and complete necessary documents. Portal access is available once you have a consultation.

Blog & News

Explore our blog for insightful articles, tips, and success stories on weight management, nutrition, and overall health.


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Our Podcast

Learn from Dr. Brown himself while he discusses important topics and interviews guests on the Brain Over Belly podcast.

Our YouTube Channel

Get a behind the scenes of Dr. Brown’s approach to bariatric surgery and discover topics like weight loss medication, differences between bariatric procedures, and how to reprogram your brain.

Support Group

You’re not meant to take this journey alone. We offer in-person and virtual support groups to fit your schedule and make the most of this incredible life change!

Reprogram your brain. Redefine your future.

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