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Bariatric Procedures

Idaho BMI bariatric weight loss surgery options

Transformative Bariatric Procedures Tailored for You

Discover a wide range of bariatric procedures meant to transform for your life! From gastric sleeve to band removal, each procedure comes with our unique approach to mindset and personalized approach for optimal results.

Learn more about our innovative approach to sustainable weight loss and find the procedure that align with your goals.

Procedures & Services

Gastric Sleeve

Offering our unique 3-incision approach to gastric sleeve surgery! This procedures offers long term weight loss through restriction.

Gastric Bypass

Transform your life with Gastric Bypass, a procedure redirecting the digestive system for significant weight loss. Enjoy sustainable results and enhanced well-being.

Duodenal Switch

Experience the benefits of both a sleeve and bypass with a DS procedure.

Bariatric Revision

If you’ve experienced complications or sub-par weight loss, discover revision surgery options.

Band Removal

As other bariatric procedures become more popular, band removals are becoming a frequent option. Learn more about complications of lap-band.

Gallbladder Surgery

Gallbladder issues may be a sign that removing your gallbladder is necessary. Learn more about gallbladder removal.

Hernia Surgery

There are various types of hernias, and in certain cases, may require repair. Learn the types of hernia and symptoms associated.

The decision to undergo bariatric surgery is highly individual, and the eligibility criteria may vary based on the specific guidelines of the healthcare provider and the patient’s unique medical history.

Reprogram your brain. Redefine your future.

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