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Procedures/Weight Loss Surgery Revision

Bariatric Revision

Weight Loss Surgery Revision

Weight Loss Surgery Revision

Also known as weight loss surgery revision, isa surgical procedure that is performed to modify or correct a previous weight loss surgery. However, in some cases ,individuals may experience complications, inadequate weight loss, or regain of weight overtime, leading to the need for a revision surgery

Bariatric revision

Reasons Why a Person Might Undergo Bariatric Revision

  • Inadequate Weight Loss: Some individuals may not achieve the desired weight loss following their initial bariatric surgery. This could be due to various factors, such as the body’s response to the surgery, changes in lifestyle, or other medical issues.
  • Complications: Complications can arise after the initial bariatric surgery, such as leaks, strictures, or other issues with the gastrointestinal tract. Revision surgery may be necessary to correct these complications.
  • Weight Regain: Over time, some individuals may experience weight regain after initially successful weight loss. Revision surgery may be considered to address this issue and enhance the effectiveness of the weight loss procedure.
  • Medical Issues: Changes in health or the development of new medical conditions may necessitate a revision to the initial bariatric procedure.
  • Conversion from One Procedure to Another: In some cases, individuals may choose to switch from one type of bariatric procedure to another. For example, converting from a gastric band toa gastric sleeve.

The specific type of revision surgery required will depend on the individual’s circumstances, the type of initial bariatric surgery, and the reasons for revision. Common revision procedures include re-sleeving a gastric sleeve, converting a gastric band to another procedure, or revising a gastric bypass.

“I had a gastric sleeve in 2012 in another state, but the procedure was not done correctly which resulted in minimal weight loss and some complications. I found Idaho BMI and explored my options for a revision, and I’m finally where I want to be. Thank you, Dr. Brown!”

— Amy, Patient

“I was running out of options and felt completed helpless until I met Dr. Brown. He reviewed my medical history and issues with a prior bariatric surgery and was actually happy to help me. I feel so grateful!”

— Carlos, Patient

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