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From our patients and the healthcare community

“I couldn’t have made a better decision.”
I have struggled with my weight for years. I tried dieting, the gym, and personal trainers. I managed to lose about 50 lbs. going to the gym, then I had to have a hip replacement and gained it all back. It was very frustrating and the more I gained, the less comfortable I felt.
I was on high blood pressure medication, and my doctor put me on diabetes medication because my tests were coming back as pre-diabetic. My primary care physician suggested Idaho BMI.
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“I am a great believer in Dr. Brown.”
I have had weight problems all my adult life. It seems as if I was a yo-yo and just always was either up or down. I’ve tried every diet and always seemed to gain back more than I lost.

A little over two years ago, my doctor recommended Dr. Brown and I made an appointment. I was very apprehensive, but he made me feel very comfortable on the very first visit. His staff was wonderful, also. I soon realized this was what I needed to do, and I had surgery in September 2018.

This two year journey hasn’t always been easy, but it has been rewarding. I am a great believer in Dr. Brown, and I followed his advice and instructions as closely as I could. Within a year I lost my weight and have kept it off this second year.
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“He is a leader!”

I had tried losing weight many, many, many times before working with Dr. Brown. It was always lose a few pounds, gain more back. This struggle went on for several years. My blood pressure was increasing as well as my cholesterol. I was tired all the time, and my sleep apnea was getting worse.

My wife was the first to begin this journey back in 2017. I went through her pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery experience doing the same thing she did. I lost weight as well.

Dr. Brown is not just a surgeon. He has a well-rounded approach to correcting years of bad habits. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable people, who also subscribe to his approach. He has a program that, if followed, will make you successful. He is a leader!

Guy - Patient

“I am enough!”

Dr. Brown is not just a surgeon, but a doctor that is a real LIFE-SAVER!

ALL my life I’ve battled with a weight problem. I tried every diet out there with no real success and needed real help. I’ve gained and lost weight countless times and the pounds would always come back.

My health was deteriorating; diabetes, low thyroid, blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain from carrying extra weight, and MS.

Dr. Brown gave me HOPE that I could be helped. He took the time to LISTEN to my story, ask questions, and explained facts on a level I could understand.

I’m now off almost all medications. Joint pain is gone. Dr. Brown’s inspiration is giving me the strength to fight from within. I am 1 month shy of 63 years old and overjoyed life can begin anew at my age, as I learn “I am enough”!

Thank you, Dr. Brown; I will be grateful for the rest of my life!

R.E. - Patient

“It’s about changing your choices for life.”

Before I met Dr. Brown I was in bad shape, 6’3 350 pounds and in pain every day from the weight. Dr. Brown saved my life.

With his help, I lost over 120 pounds in less than a year. I was able to regain my health and am currently in the best shape of my life.

Dr. Brown taught me how to change the way I think about food in a healthy way. He is very passionate about what he does and helping people to live a long and healthy life.

It is more than just losing weight, it’s about changing your choices for life.

Wes - Patient

M.D., PhD

Dr Robert Cywes

He just plain gets it.

I am not only a bariatric surgeon, but I am also a formerly obese person. When I was contemplating bariatric surgery, the scariest part was choosing the right surgeon and having the right operation that suited my needs. Without hesitation, the greatest compliment I could give Dr David Brown is that I would gladly have chosen him not only as my surgeon, but also as the person and team to... manage my weight loss journey afterward.
Dr Brown and his team at the Idaho Bariatric and Metabolic Institute are uniquely suited to meet all of the needs of his overweight and diabetic patients. Not only is Dr Brown an experienced, technically superior laparoscopic surgeon with excellent surgical outcomes, he just plain gets it.
He understands that treating obesity is so much more than just about losing weight and eating right. It’s a whole lifestyle that needs to change over time and he understands there is no end to the journey, just milestones along your life’s path.
He goes the distance with his patients and it is that extra care and understanding of how you gained the weight in the first place – not only treating the excess weight, but also treating the cause of the weight gain and diabetes, helping his patients not only lose weight, but make and sustain changes to the way you live your life that prevents the weight from returning that makes Dr Brown and his team the right choice for your surgery and beyond.
It is so reassuring to have a compassionate, caring and understanding person to help you right the ship on your darkest days, days when you may have gone sideways a little, and to have someone to help you move forward without judgment or criticism, but just having someone there to help you back on track. That person is Dr David Brown. There is none better than someone I would trust with my own life and journey.

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Christian Oakley

Boise and Idaho are lucky to have him.

As the surgeon who began the St. Luke’s Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Program and performed the first Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass in the State of Idaho in 2001, I can easily say that Dr. Brown is as good a Bariatric surgeon as I know of in this country. He is just technically excellent in the operating room, and I know of no more caring man in the field of surgery. Boise... and Idaho are lucky to have him.

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Ryan A. Moore

An excellent choice for your health needs.

Dr. David Brown is, first and foremost, an excellent surgeon. There are many great surgeons, but what sets him apart is his wholistic approach to the surgical management of obesity.

He recognizes that excellent care for weight issues does not begin and end in the operating room and is passionate about helping his patients reverse their chronic diseases and maintain their health long after surgery.
His understanding of nutrition,... hormone imbalances, stress, sleep issues, addiction and other causes of weight gain is unparalleled in his field. His intelligence, caring and investment in his patients’ success is obvious.
He also has a genuine love of learning and is a leading educator in the medical community, pushing other physicians to broaden their knowledge in both cause and reversal of chronic disease.
I strongly recommend Dr. Brown as an excellent choice for your health needs.

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