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The REAL cause of weight struggles

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(hint: it’s not what you think)

Brain Over Belly is the podcast that will challenge everything you know about weight loss. Follow the journey of two special people as they lose weight and keep it off for life, with the help of Dr. David Brown at Idaho BMI and our host, Rick Dunn.

What you know about weight loss is (probably) wrong.

Roughly 72% of Americans are either overweight or obese, and it’s a problem that is very misunderstood. The key is navigating through all the misinformation to really solve the puzzle of obesity.

Weight loss is not about willpower.

The real cause of obesity has more to do with a person’s brain and central nervous system than anything else. That is why dieting or exercise alone don’t work. So what’s the real cause?

Modern Foods
Modern foods trick the brain. They’ve detached the brain from the normal, healthy sensory feedback system in a person’s body.

Guilt & Shame
Thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame, feeling like a failure, feeling judged – these are all part of the cause of obesity.

Neurologic & Metabolic Disorientation
The brain and the intestinal tract are constantly communicating, influencing, and controlling each other. Our feelings, emotions, and the foods we eat fundamentally change this connection.

Putting the pieces together.

The key to losing weight for good is retraining the brain so it reconnects to the normal, healthy sensory feedback system. Bariatric surgery does exactly this, but surgery alone is not the answer.

Brain Over Belly will follow the journey of two special people as they go through Dr. Brown and Idaho BMI’s comprehensive weight loss program from start to finish. Each month, you will hear about their challenges and progress as they put all the pieces together to solve the puzzle of obesity.

The Brain Over Belly podcast is available everywhere you listen to podcasts. Subscribe at Listen Boise now.

What have you got to lose?

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