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How Everest Surgical Institute is Making Bariatric Surgery Affordable

“But how much does it cost?”

Most of us have been there, having to ask the question to the doctor, dentist or surgeon in front of us. And for bariatric surgery, it’s often the largest concern aside from the procedure itself.

Studies have shown that bariatric surgery is the best cure for obesity. Yet as recently as a couple decades ago, insurance companies rarely covered it. While coverage has increased, we’re nowhere near the amount we need, especially in the United States where obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and more are on the rise.

Roughly half of the people who visit Dr. Brown can’t afford bariatric surgery, and that conversation never gets easier for him. They feel frustrated and cornered, like they have no options. These experiences at Idaho BMI fueled Dr. Brown to lobby the insurance companies to look at the data showing the true cause of obesity, and the role bariatric surgery can play in overcoming it. But again, progress is slow.

So what do people without insurance coverage do? They either continue suffering, or go to Mexico where bariatric surgeries are less expensive…but because there’s no long term follow-up and no education on the small things patients must routinely do to make the surgery a long-term success, this is not an ideal alternative.

These two scenarios motivated Dr. Brown to make bariatric surgery available to more people with affordable self-pay rates. He could only do so by building his own surgery center. And so he did. Everest Surgical Institute (“institute” because of the emphasis on patient education) opened in November 2021, and is already separating itself in a number of ways:

Cost – Without the overflow of administrators, overhead and red tape, Everest Surgical Institute is able to significantly cut costs. It can also advocate more strongly on behalf of patients. $14,500 covers all testing and evaluation, all bariatric surgical costs, and all follow up visits for six months – which is roughly one-third the price of what a larger hospital might charge.  

Care – Everest treats every patient like a family member, not a case number. From the receptionists, to the nurses, to the surgeons, care is what’s provided.

Skill – Everest does not just take any doctor. Surgeons are hand-picked based on the highest standards possible. 

These factors have brought people from not just surrounding areas, but states. Dr. Brown has already enjoyed successful operations with patients from California, Oregon, Washington and Utah. He puts them up in a local hotel and stays connected with telemedicine appointments.

So, if you are in need of bariatric surgery, the path to affordable excellence just became much easier. Self pay rates and financing are available, as are some of the best surgeons in the nation. Because good health is priceless.

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