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“What’s it like to live in Mona’s body right now?!”

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In the latest episode of Brain Over Belly, host Rick Dunn checks in with Mona, our first of two special people who are committed to losing their excess weight and keeping it off for life, with the help of Dr. David Brown at Idaho BMI.

Mona is six weeks past her bariatric surgery, and Rick can’t wait to hear what it’s like to live in her body. Mona reflects on what’s different, what’s difficult, and what’s exciting about this stage of her journey. And while many listeners may be shocked to hear all that’s happening for Mona, Dr. Brown shares that her sensory perception changes are very common for people in the weeks that follow bariatric surgery. What’s important is that Mona listens to her body’s signals and uses the tools Dr. Brown gives her to make the changes permanent.

What’s different for Mona?

She’s not hungry.
She doesn’t really even think about food.
Nothing tastes the same.
The foods she loved before (like chocolate) don’t taste good anymore.
Her energy level is way up.
She feels present and awake, seeing and feeling what’s going on around her.
Her knees don’t creak anymore.
She’s lost over 30 lbs so far.

What’s difficult for Mona?

She still sees the “old Mona” in the mirror.
Drinking enough water throughout the day.
Just one bite too many feels uncomfortable.

What’s exciting for Mona?

She’s becoming a morning person!
She wants to get out and do more things, like walk circles around Fred Meyer.
Dr. Brown is giving her the information and tools to cure her obesity, once and for all.

What’s causing all of this?!

With bariatric surgery, 80% of a person’s stomach is removed. Dr. Brown explains that the act of stapling across the stomach and the tiny branches of the Vagus nerve resets the communication between the brain and the intestinal tract almost instantly.

In short, bariatric surgery works because of its impact on a person’s brain and central nervous system (not because you now have a smaller stomach). The brain becomes very malleable, open to learning new things and cementing new habits. Dr. Brown says “it really gives us this golden window of time when we can do a lot of things” to make weight loss permanent.

Mona’s transformation is clearly underway. Keep checking back to hear more science and feel more hope.

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