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Time Out : Answering Your Most Asked Questions About Weight Loss Surgery

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Permanent weight loss through bariatric surgery is a big commitment that can come with a lot of apprehension and questions. With surgery being one of the most popular ways patients seek to lose weight, there is a lot of misinformation and half-truths floating around out there. As Dr. Brown and host Rick Dunn embark on the second season of the Brain Over Belly podcast, they take some time out to answer the most common questions from our listeners. Here’s answers to the top three – tune in to hear them all!

Will my insurance cover the procedure, what if it does not?

This is probably the most asked question when it comes to weight loss surgery. While the number of insurance providers that cover bariatric surgery has gone up over the past twenty years, it is still increasing very slowly. According to Dr. Brown’s estimates, about fifty to sixty percent of providers will cover bariatric surgery. Unfortunately, it does depend on a person’s insurance as to whether or not the surgery will be covered or if they will be paying out of pocket. Dr. Brown’s new surgical center, Everest Surgical Institute, has enabled him to greatly minimize the cost for patients who are not covered by insurance.

How fast will I lose weight, how much will I lose?

The answer to this question comes down to proportions. For instance, someone whose starting weight is five hundred pounds or more, will lose weight a lot faster than someone whose starting weight is closer to two hundred pounds. According to Dr. Brown, it is common for patients to lose one to two pounds a day in the first three weeks after surgery. While most patients will lose the bulk of their excess weight within the first six months, Dr. Brown encourages his patients to remember it is not a race. Consistently making small changes and sticking with better habits will ultimately yield the best results.

Can I go back to eating the foods I liked before surgery?

This really is the million-dollar question. As a society, we have such an emotional connection to eating, so one of the biggest things bariatric patients worry about is losing the foods that have brought them so much comfort and joy. Through creating and practicing the right daily habits a person can change the foods they find the most appealing, on a very deep level, and it is not necessarily a matter of discipline or willpower. Dr. Brown helps his patients tap into the control panel of their brain to get to the fundamental problem and truly change their relationship to food. Ultimately, no you cannot go back to eating chocolate chip cookies every day, but with Dr. Brown’s help, you can change the evolution of your relationship with food over time, eventually altering what your body likes to eat.

The choice to undergo bariatric weight loss surgery is a big commitment that can come with a lot of questions. Tune in to the season two opener of Brain Over Belly to listen to Dr. Brown, with the help of host Rick Dunn, answer some of the most important questions associated with weight loss surgery; insurance coverage, recovery time, foods to eat, and so much more.

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