Obesity is misunderstood

Many people who struggle with their weight feel like a failure, especially when none of the diet or exercise programs they try work. The truth is, mindfulness and training your brain to focus on specific things are more important to weight loss success than exercise.

The secret is in your brain

Obesity changes your brain so you are no longer in control. Bariatric surgery reprograms your brain as it relates to food and self-image. Bariatric surgery, combined with mindfulness and brain training, is the best solution to lose the weight and keep it off long-term.

Dr. David Brown and the staff at Idaho BMI understand your frustration and pain. We’re also obsessed with helping you solve the puzzle of obesity. Because you can’t get to the cure until you put all the pieces together.

Call (208) 378-4264 to schedule a consultation today – and lose everything that’s hiding the real you.

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