Discover the Cure for Obesity

What is the cure for obesity. To understand the cure we have to understand the cause and in the previous video we discussed how the cause of obesity has more to do with a person’s brain and central nervous system than anything else. And if this is true, it makes sense that the cure for obesity also would target a person’s brain and central nervous system.

It is very important to know that diet and exercise alone rarely is effective in permanently reversing obesity. It’s very important that a person not feel ashamed that they have not been successful in implementing these traditional tools. The problem is these traditional tools alone do not target the true cure of obesity.

Most people who struggle with weight have a long history of a cycle of gaining weight and losing weight and feeling guilt and shame and feeling like a failure. Bariatric surgery, also called metabolic surgery, is the most effective treatment for obesity. With appropriate follow up after surgery, the success rate is over 70% and the primary reason bariatric surgery is so successful is its effect on a person’s brain and central nervous system.

As we discussed in the video on the causes of obesity. Modern foods have essentially hacked the settings in a person’s brain that control weight, appetite, metabolism, and cravings. Without bariatric surgery, it is extremely difficult to reverse those changes, almost impossible.

We know how to use bariatric surgery to effectively reverse those changes in a person’s brain. It’s like a factory reset, in the case of a computer or smartphone. But it is not automatic not everybody who has bariatric surgery will experience this factory reset. There are very specific foods we should eat. There are cognitive and mental exercises we practice that helped facilitate this resetting process. Sleep is also a very important factor, in fact, I would say it’s more important exercise.

If these other tools are not used or even recognized, it is more likely than a person that will gain weight again after bariatric surgery. At Idaho Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, or Idaho BMI, we have developed a curriculum or program for people to use and follow after bariatric surgery to reprogram or reset their brain.

In addition to performing bariatric surgery, we teach people what to eat, when to eat, and even how to eat. The program also incorporates mindfulness practices, sleep, guidance, and instruction, as well as other daily tasks that are very effective in helping this transformation of the brain and the central nervous system. It is all based on scientific research in the fields of neurobiology, nutrition, and metabolism psychology in many more.

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Good luck to you on your journey.