There is a lot of misunderstanding about obesity. People don’t understand the root causes of obesity because it’s complicated. Obesity isn’t about moral failure or will power. It is about your brain. 

Research shows Bariatric Surgery changes a person’s brain dramatically. Brain scans show key differences between the brains of people who struggle with obesity and people who don’t. Six months after Bariatric Surgery, the brain scans are the same. Bariatric Surgery changes your brain. That’s why 70% of people who have Bariatric Surgery and long-term follow up keep the weight off for at least 10 years.

Take Control

Dr. Brown and Idaho BMI understand what it’s like to navigate the misunderstanding, misinformation, and struggle of living with obesity. Merging surgical expertise with nutrition and longevity science, we can help you get to your healthy weight and stay there for life. Take control by scheduling an appointment today!