Some people feel that their inability to exercise rigorously, either as a result of physical limitations or time restraints, will prevent them from losing weight.  The truth is that weight loss and weight maintenance is overwhelmingly the result of nutrition.  A person who cannot participate in traditional exercise programs can still be successful in losing weight and keeping it off.  That being said, exercise is important for a healthy metabolism and for longevity.

When we reach the age of 40, it is very common for us to start losing muscle mass.  And this loss of muscle effects the way we move, our brain function, and metabolism.  With loss of muscle, we move differently.  And that change in how we move eventually effects our joints- more strain is placed on the joints, leading to joint pain and dysfunction.  And it is very common for a person with muscle wasting and dysfunctional joints to fall and suffer an injury.  Such injuries can very easily result in further decline and acceleration of the aging process.

At Idaho BMI, we encourage both muscle-building exercise and exercise that improves cardiopulmonary health.  We certainly do not expect our patients to dive into intense workouts and do things that are too extreme and dangerous.  But every person can do something to improve their conditioning.  We provide guidance in how to start exercise and coach our patients through the journey of increasing their ability to move.