We believe in our patients.  We know almost all of them are coming from a place of personal challenge and self-doubt.  Many have lost weight only to regain it later.  Central to our program at Idaho BMI is the belief in individual human beings to overcome challenge and reach their potential.  With correct information and encouragement along the way, we walk with our patients on their journey to success and health.

Society has a long-held belief that obesity is almost entirely the fault of the individual who has the struggle with weight.  This is a big misunderstanding of the problem.  Obesity is far more complicated than being simply the result of laziness or slothfulness.  But this belief within our society causes guilt and shame within individuals who struggle with weight.  Research has demonstrated that guilt and shame are both the CAUSE and RESULT of obesity.  It is a vicious cycle.  At Idaho BMI, we recognize that shame, guilt, and blame must be removed from the culture of a home, society, and from an individual’s life.  We never give up on our patients.  And we insist that our patients never give up on themselves.  We look forward, not into the past.